Android Book Listing App Project Report

Android Book Listing App Project Report

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Project Title: Android Book Listing App
I. Introduction
The Android Book Listing App is designed to provide users with a platform to explore and manage a list of books. It offers features such as book listing, detailed book information, and the ability to add new books to the collection.
II. Objectives
Develop a user-friendly Android application for book enthusiasts.
Create an intuitive interface for browsing and managing a list of books.
Implement functionalities for displaying book details, searching for books, and adding new books.
Utilize Android Studio for app development.
III. Technologies Used
Java (programming language)
Android Studio (IDE)
SQLite (for local database storage)
RecyclerView (for efficient display of lists)
API integration (optional for fetching book details)
IV. Features
Book Listing:

Display a list of books with basic information (title, author, cover image).
Book Details:

Provide a detailed view of each book, including additional information such as description, genre, and publication details.
Search Functionality:

Allow users to search for books based on title, author, or genre.
Add New Books:

Enable users to add new books to the collection by entering relevant details.
V. Project Structure
Files: Main activity handling the book listing. Activity displaying detailed information for a selected book. Activity for adding new books. Helper class for SQLite database operations.
VI. App Screenshots
Include screenshots of the main activities, book listing, book details, and the process of adding a new book.
VII. Database Design
Table: books
Columns: id (Primary Key), title, author, description, genre, cover_image, publication_date, etc.
Summary of the Android Book Listing App project.
Reflection on the development process, challenges faced, and lessons learned.
X. Future Enhancements
Ideas for additional features or improvements for the app.
Consideration for scalability and integration with external APIs for real-time book data.
XI. References
Any external libraries, APIs, or resources used during the development.