Android Music Player Project Report

Android Music Player Project Report

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Project Title: Android Music Player
I. Introduction
The Android Music Player is a mobile application designed to provide users with a platform to listen to music on their Android devices. The app includes features such as music playback controls, playlist management, and the ability to organize and play music from the device’s storage.
II. Objectives
Develop a user-friendly and intuitive Android application for playing music.
Implement functionalities for music playback, playlist creation, and organization of music files.
Utilize Android Studio for app development.
Integrate with the device’s media storage for accessing music files.
III. Technologies Used
Java (programming language)
Android Studio (IDE)
MediaPlayer API (for music playback)
ContentResolver (for accessing media files)
SQLite (for local database storage for playlists)
IV. Features
Music Playback:

Play, pause, skip, and rewind functionalities for controlling music playback.
Playlist Management:

Create, edit, and delete playlists.
Add and remove songs from playlists.
Media Library Integration:

Access and display the list of music files from the device’s storage.
Categorize music by artist, album, or genre.
Shuffle and Repeat:

Provide options for shuffling and repeating playlists or songs.
V. Project Structure
Files: Main activity handling music playback and displaying playlists. Service for managing the background music playback. Activity for managing playlists. Helper class for SQLite database operations.
VI. App Screenshots
Include screenshots of the main activities, music playback controls, playlist management, and media library integration.
VII. Database Design
Table: playlists
Columns: id (Primary Key), name, created_at, etc.
Table: playlist_songs
Columns: id (Primary Key), playlist_id (Foreign Key), song_id (Foreign Key), position, etc.
Summary of the Android Music Player project.
Reflection on the development process, challenges faced, and lessons learned.
X. Future Enhancements
Ideas for additional features or improvements for the app.
Consideration for cloud integration or online music streaming.
XI. References
Any external libraries, APIs, or resources used during the development.