Brain Stroke Prediction Machine Learning Source Code

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Brain Stroke Prediction Machine Learning Source Code

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Brain Stroke Prediction Machine Learning. Stroke, a cerebrovascular disease, is one of the major causes of death. It causes significant health and financial burdens for both patients and health care systems. One of the important risk factors for stroke is health-related behavior, which is becoming an increasingly important focus of prevention. Many machine learning models have been built to predict the risk of stroke or to automatically diagnose stroke, using predictors such as lifestyle factors or radiological imaging. However, there have been no models built using data from lab tests.


This dataset is used to predict whether a patient is likely to get stroke based on the input parameters like gender, age, various diseases, and smoking status. Each row in the data provides relavant information about the patient.

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Attribute Information

1) id: unique identifier
2) gender: “Male”, “Female” or “Other”
3) age: age of the patient
4) hypertension: 0 if the patient doesn’t have hypertension, 1 if the patient has hypertension
5) heart_disease: 0 if the patient doesn’t have any heart diseases, 1 if the patient has a heart disease
6) ever_married: “No” or “Yes”
7) work_type: “children”, “Govt_jov”, “Never_worked”, “Private” or “Self-employed”
8) Residence_type: “Rural” or “Urban”
9) avg_glucose_level: average glucose level in blood
10) bmi: body mass index
11) smoking_status: “formerly smoked”, “never smoked”, “smokes” or “Unknown”*
12) stroke: 1 if the patient had a stroke or 0 if not
*Note: “Unknown” in smoking_status means that the information is unavailable for this patient

Technology used

  1. Python
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Pandas
  4. Numpy
  5. Scikit-learn
  6. Flask
  7. HTML
  8. CSS

Installation Step : –

  1. python 3.7
  2. command 1 – python -m pip install –-user -r requirements.txt
  3. command 2 – python

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