Contact Management System Python Project Report

Contact Management System Python Project Report

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I. Introduction
The Contact Management System is a Python-based application designed to help users manage and organize their contacts efficiently. It provides a user-friendly interface for adding, viewing, searching, updating, and deleting contacts.
II. Objectives
Create a user-friendly GUI for managing contacts.
Implement functionalities for adding, viewing, searching, updating, and deleting contacts.
Utilize Python’s tkinter library for GUI development.
Use SQLite for backend database operations.
III. Technologies Used
Tkinter (for GUI)
SQLite (for database)
IV. Features
Add Contact:

Allow users to input contact details (name, phone, email) and add them to the database.
View Contacts:

Display a list of all contacts in a readable format.
Search Contacts:

Implement a search functionality to find contacts by name, phone, or email.
Update Contact:

Allow users to modify existing contact information.
Delete Contact:

Provide an option to remove contacts from the database.
V. Project Structure
Files: Main script to run the application. Module for database operations. Module for GUI design.
VI. GUI Design
Main Window:
Layout with entry fields for name, phone, and email.
Buttons for each operation (Add, View, Search, Update, Delete).
Listbox or other display area to show contact information.
VII. Database Design
Table: contacts
Columns: id (Primary Key), name, phone, email
Summary of the project and its significance.
Reflection on the development process and challenges faced.
X. Future Enhancements
Potential improvements or additional features for the Contact Management System.
Consideration for scalability and usability.
XI. References
Any external sources or libraries used.