Garage Management System PHP MYSQL

This Garage Management System shall help the user to keep track of all the activities in the garage. It is a web based application which shall have users like Manager, Supervisor, Security, Customer and Mechanic. The admin shall give access for specific modules for the other users. The users shall login and manage with the activities of the system. The supervisor shall be able to check for the inventory of vehicle spares in the garage. He shall be able to check for the vehicles that are serviced currently and the ones which has to be notified for services. The user also shall be able to note the mechanic shop time hours. The system will also allow the payment for the repair or service done. The system also can check for the vehicle spares that are sold from the garage. The interface is developed using html and PHP. It has user friendly web interface.

Login User Roles :

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Security
  • Customer
  • Mechanic