Multiple Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Project Report

Multiple Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Project Report

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Multiple Disease Prediction using Machine Learning is a system which predicts the
disease based on the information or the symptoms he/she enter into the system and
providesthe accurate results based on that information. If the patient is not much serious
and the user just wants to know the type of disease, he/she has been through. It is a
system which provides the user the tips and tricks to maintain the health system of
the user and it providesawaytofindoutthediseaseusingthisprediction.Nowaday’s
healthindustry playsmajorroleincuringthediseasesofthepatientssothisisalsosome
kindofhelpfor thehealthindustrytotelltheuserandalsoitis usefulfortheuserincase
he/she doesn’t want to go to the hospital or any other clinics, so just by entering the
symptoms and all other useful information the user can get to know the disease
he/she is suffering from and the health industry can also get benefit from this system by
just asking the symptoms from the user and entering in the system and in just few
seconds they can tell the exact and up to some extent the accurate diseases. This
Multiple Disease PredictionUsingMachine Learning is completely done with the help of
Machine Learning andPython Programming language withTkinterInterfaceforit andalso
using the dataset that is available previously by the hospitals using that we will predict
the disease.