Online Grocery Store Project in MongoDB Node.js Express.Js

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Online Grocery Store mongodb
Online Grocery Store Project in MongoDB Node.js Express.Js

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This Project has been designed to make purchase of groceries convenient for the customers with a user-friendly user interface.  Currently the online store offers products from fruits, vegetables and personal care categories only. Although this website has not implemented the digital payment functionalities yet, but it does offer other features which, we hope, the users will surely enjoy. Some of the major functionalities of this website are provided below.

Online Grocery Store Project Features:

  1. Users can browse the store, add items to the cart and checkout as either Guest Users or as Registered Users by creating a user account
  2. Email and password fields are validated during user sign-in/signup process to ensure criteria are met .
  3. User passwords are kept secured by storing only the password hashes into the database.
  4. Users can view the detailed description of a product by clicking on the product title.
  5. This website supports pagination and each page displays up to 15 products at a time.
  6. sers have the option to search and filter products
  7. o This website supports both partial and full search
  8. o Users can filter products by categories and/or by price range
  9. Users can add/remove items from their cart.sers can fill out their shipping details on the checkout page
  10. Once an order is placed, the order gets stored in the database and the users can retrieve their order history from the website
  11.  Admin users have the additional privileges to add new products to the store by providing details such as title, price, product description, price description and uploading product images.
  12. Admin users is also provided with Search Functionality to search products and have the option to edit, delete(soft delete) and update products.

Technology Overview :- 

  1. Node.js.
  2. Express.js
  3. JavaScript/jQuery,
  4. Handlebars,
  5. Bootstrap
  6. MongoDB are used.
  7. Object modeling is done using Mongoose.
  8. In order to persist session data, express-session module is used.

Installation Steps : 

  1. Node version –14.18
  2. npm install 
  3. create database – grocery_delivery
  4. node index.js
  5. url –

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