Python Django File Sharing Project

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django file sharing
Python Django File Sharing Project

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Assignment Problem Statement:

Part 1:

  1. Create a web-app where a user can login.
  2. User can upload files.
  3. User can view his/her uploaded files.

Part 2:

  1. User can search and view profile of other users.
  2. They can share their uploaded files with any of those users.
  3. Users can see the shared files by other users also in uploaded files.

Additional Features:

  1. In users profile user can set his/her profile picture.
  2. Users can download other users uploaded files.
  3. The user can upload any type of files such as images, videos, text files and also different types of programs like python code, java code, etc.

Technologies Used:

  • Python
  • Django
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

Additional Python Modules Required:

  • Django                               –    python -m pip install –-user Django
  • django-crispy-forms       –    python -m pip install –-user django-crispy-forms
  • Pillow                                 –    python -m pip install –-user Pillow

Note :

The Secret_Key required for the execution and debugging of project is not removed from the project code. So you can use the project as your college mini-project or by using the project code you can build your own project.

Usage :

python makemigrations

python migrate

python runserver

In your web browser enter the address : http://localhost:8000 or