Visa Processing System Project On Java, JSP And MySQL

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Visa Processing System Project On Java, JSP And MySQL

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The design Visa Processing System has been developed on Java, JSP and MySQL. We’ll give to pupil easy java systems with full source law and database of the design. This mini design Visa Processing System is an online operation for tracking the visa deals in a visa recycling company which give results to meet client or company needs. This system describes the process of applying for visa. This system is to help to make visa processing easy. It can manage visa processing process. This system is used to reuse their visa and store all the details regarding the passport holder. Then scholars can get online java systems with source law free download. I’ve attached the defenses and rally of the design below the description. Look into for further details.

Project Module :

The main objective for developing this module is provide all the functionality realted to applicant. It tracks all the information and details of the applicant.

We have developed all type of CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations of the applicant. This is a role based module where admin can perform each and every operations on data but the applicant will be able to view only his/her data, so access level restrictions has also been implemented

on the project. Student can find all the online java projects download.

These are the functionality performed by the admin users.

  1. Login For Admin
  2. Edit Profile For Admin
  3. Manage Visa Applicantion
  4. Adding New Visa Applicantion
  5. Edit the Exiting Visa Applicantion
  6. View Profile of the Visa Applicantion
  7. Listing of all Visa Applicantion
  8. Manage Citizen Issue Visa
  9. Adding New Issue Visa
  10. Edit the Exiting Issue Visa
  11. View Profile of the Issue Visa
  12. Listing of all Issue Visa
  13. Manage Applicant
  14. Adding New Applicant
  15. Edit the Exiting Applicant
  16. View Profile of the Applicant
  17. Listing of all Applicant
  18. Reports of the project Viss Processing System

These are the functionality performed by the Normal  users.

  1. Login
  2. Edit Profile
  3. Apply Visa
  4. Manage Visa Applicantion
  5. Adding New Visa Applicantion
  6. Edit the Exiting Visa Applicantion
  7. View Visa Applicantion
  8. Listing of all Visa Applicantion
  9. Payment
  10. Extend visa