Online Event Management System Project Report

Project Title: Online Event Management System
I. Introduction
The Online Event Management System is a web-based application developed using PHP and MySQL, aimed at simplifying the process of organizing and managing events. It provides an online platform for event organizers to create, promote, and manage events, while allowing participants to register and interact seamlessly.
II. Objectives
Develop a user-friendly and efficient online platform for organizing and managing events.
Implement a secure and scalable backend using PHP and MySQL for database operations.
Provide functionalities for event creation, participant registration, and resource management.
Enhance user experience and interactivity through PHP and MySQL technologies.
III. Technologies Used
PHP (Backend scripting language)
MySQL (Relational database)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Frontend)
Bootstrap (Frontend framework)
User authentication and authorization (PHP sessions)
IV. Features
Event Creation:

Allow organizers to create events with details such as title, date, time, location, and description.
Participant Registration:

Enable participants to register for events through a user-friendly interface.
Send confirmation emails upon successful registration.
Resource Management:

Manage resources required for events, including venues, equipment, and personnel.
User Authentication and Authorization:

Implement secure user login and registration mechanisms.
Define user roles with different levels of access (organizers, participants).
V. Project Structure
index.php: Main script for handling user authentication and displaying the dashboard.
event.php: Script for event creation and management.
participant.php: Script for participant registration.
resources.php: Script for managing event resources.
db.php: Script for establishing database connections.
VI. User Interface Design
Overview of upcoming events, registrations, and resource status.
Navigation for different sections (events, participants, resources).
VII. Database Design
Table: events
Columns: event_id (Primary Key), title, date, time, location, description, etc.
Table: participants
Columns: participant_id (Primary Key), event_id (Foreign Key), name, email, registration_date, etc.
Table: resources
Columns: resource_id (Primary Key), event_id (Foreign Key), type, quantity, availability, etc.
Summary of the Online Event Management System project.
Reflection on the development process, challenges faced, and lessons learned.
X. Future Enhancements
Ideas for additional features or improvements for the system.
Consideration for integrating payment systems for event fees.
XI. References
Any external libraries, frameworks, or resources used during the development.