Online Pizza Ordering System in php mysql complete source code

Online Pizza Ordering System in php mysql
Online Pizza Ordering System in php mysql complete source code

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The Online Pizza Ordering System is a web-based application designed to facilitate the process of ordering pizzas online. It includes two main interfaces – one for users who want to order pizzas, and another for administrators who manage the system.

User Interface:

  1. Home Page :

  •    – Users are welcomed to the home page where they can explore the available pizzas.
  •    – A list of pizzas is displayed, showcasing their names and prices.
  •    – Users have the option to register or log in.
  1. User Registration and Login:

  •    – New users can register by providing a unique username and password.
  •    – Existing users can log in to access their accounts.
  •    – Passwords are securely hashed to ensure user data safety.
  1. Pizza Selection and Ordering:

  •    – Once logged in, users can browse the pizza menu and add desired items to their cart.
  •    – Each pizza item includes details such as name and price.
  •    – Users can specify the quantity for each selected pizza.
  1. Cart and Checkout:

  •    – Users can view their selected pizzas in the cart.
  •    – The cart displays the total price based on the quantity selected.
  •    – Users can proceed to checkout to confirm and place their order.
  1. Order History:

  •    – Users have access to their order history, including details like order date and total cost.
  •    – This section allows users to track their previous pizza orders.


Admin Interface:

  1. Admin Login (admin.php):

  •    – Admins log in to a dedicated interface with additional privileges.
  •    – Authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access the admin features.
  1. View Orders (admin.php):

  •    – The admin dashboard displays a comprehensive list of all orders placed.
  •    – Each order includes information such as user details, ordered pizzas, quantity, total price, and order date.
  1. Manage Pizzas (admin.php):

  •    – Admins have the ability to add new pizzas to the menu, specifying names and prices.
  •    – Existing pizzas can be edited or removed from the menu.

Security Measures:

  1.    – User authentication ensures secure access to user and admin interfaces.
  2.    – Passwords are hashed to protect user information.
  3.    – Input validation prevents SQL injection and enhances system security.


The Online Pizza Ordering System provides a user-friendly and secure platform for customers to order pizzas online. The inclusion of an admin interface allows efficient management of orders and the pizza menu. With an emphasis on security and ease of use, this system offers a seamless online pizza ordering experience for both users and administrators.